Accessibility Minutes 2011 04 25

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  • Richard Schwerdtfeger (IBM - Co-Chair)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois - Co-Chair)
  • David Todd (IBM) - scribe
  • Marc Johlic (IBM)
  • Eduardo Abe (unknown)
  • Jon Ferraiolo (IBM)


The Accessibility Working Group has completed work on the Accessibility Rules Format 1.0 Specification [1]. The OpenAjax Development Process [2] requires the scheduling of an all-member Release Review phone call that allows members to ask questions, point out problems or raise objections before the Specification goes through final voting an approval. The Accessibility Working Group [3][4] has scheduled a phone call on April 25, 2011 to fulfill that requirement. If no significant problems come up between now and April 25, and no significant problems are raised during the Release Review phone call, then I will start the voting process where members cast votes on whether to approve and release this Specification.

Caching was also discussed. See minutes.


Jon F: Gave an introduction on OAA review process.

IP is a huge concern for the OAA.

Participants would not file patents against specs. that are published by OAA.

This review call is required by the OAA review process.

Today we are reviewing the accessibility rules format.

The rules are based on WCAG 2.0 and 508.

This is version 1 of the rules format. It is not the rules themselves -- just the format.

eabe ( has joined #oaa-accessibility

rule format, ruleset format and nls format

Tool vendors will be able to support dynamic content accessibility with this spec.

mib_ka4nwx ( has joined #oaa-accessibility

Open floor. Are there any questions about the specification?

mib_ka4nxw is Jon Ferraiolo

Members present: Eduardo Abe, Rich Schwerdtfeger, Jon Ferraiolo, Jon Gunderson, David Todd, Mark Jaholic

Got requirements from Microsoft. We will be addressing those in version 2.0 of the spec. Also HTML5 will be addressed.

Jon F: Does anyone see any issues?

No one raised issues.

Parasoft, IBM, Daque, University of Illinois

are using the rules


French government is also looking at possibly adopting the rules.

Discussing links and context.

WCAG guideline 2.4.4

Build cache for links and save information for each link. E.g., the container element, etc.

Context is the container.

Heading element before the link can be used.

Nested list can also be a container.

Jon will add the above information to the link cache to create a context for a link.

Will be caching landmarks.

Initial speedup from caching seems promising.

At end of 30 minutes. Jon F. says we are good to go with the OAA accessibility rules specification. Jon F. says we can proceed with a member vote.

Voting period is 2 weeks.

No objections to working draft 1. Voting period starts today on the rules format and will last 2 weeks.

Jon will have working cache code next week.

We can review then.

Back to link discussion...

Discussing "click here" link example context. How do we handle table context vs. paragraph context?

Link and landmark context can be any container.

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