IDE Minutes 2008-03-11

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  • Kevin Hakman, Aptana
  • Scott Richards, Adobe
  • Stew Nickolas, IBM
  • Ted Thibodeau, OpenLink
  • Phil Berkland, IBM
  • Ingo Muschenetz, Aptana
  • Bertrand Le Roy, Microsoft
  • Rich Thompson, IBM
  • Jon Ferraiolo, IBM


Jon discussed the updates he had made to the comparison matrix

Kevin recapped the decisions made last week

Ingo: talked to dojo about mixins, dojo uses mixins a lot mixin methods are sometimes mixed in as instance methods, and sometimes as static methods how would that be described

Kevin: the metadata will most likely be generated, so dojo could generate metadata with mixins already mixed in

Ingo: question is how much is auto generated, vs hand generated

Kevin: large libraries would likely generate

Jon: can alias be used instead of mixin?

Ingo: more straightforward and readable if mixin's are used

Ingo: would need attribute on ancestor element to indicate if this is static or instance

Kevin: lean towards replicated information

Jon: should look to the future of JavaScript and do what matches

Ingo: there is no real correspondence in JavaScript

Ingo: aptana handled by having mixin element

Phil: I like the mixin element, because mixins aren't really inheritance related

Jon: problem with mixin element it would hurt mapping to JSON

Kevin: could specify property or method in the class with it being linked to mixin

Phil: if we did linking, i would like to see an attribute indicating there is a link

Ingo: concerned if metadata is too de-normalized, makes it harder for the author to match to the JavaScript

discussion of multiple metadata files, and how references are made between them

Ingo: what I have seen is a single big metadata file for a toolkit with all the apis

Kevin: question is whether to do the work during the metadata generation, or to have normalized with mixin specified

Ingo: prefer normalized

Kevin: how common are mixin's

Stew: it is a common idiom

Kevin: will have mixin element

Jon: does there need to be a new top level element named mixin?

Ingo: can be done with a class without constructor

Kevin: will have top level element named "mixin", and class will have a element named "mixedin"

Ingo: it would be good to get feedback from other libraries about mixin's

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