IDE Minutes 2008-04-24

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Jon Ferraiolo 
Lori Hylan-Cho 
Stew Nickolas 
Rich Thompson
Bertrand Le Roy
Phil Berkland
Ingo Muschenetz
Ted Thibodeau 
  1. Pural Elements:
    • Most could go either way; human authors are likely to group anyway, but tools could go either way
    • Options element has significant attributes
    • Properties has the pattern attribute, but only as the middle level of an inheritance hierarchy
    • Ingo: May also want to consider the possibility of adding attributes on the container level in the future
    • Straw poll taken ...
    • Resolution: Leave things as is, potentially reflect attributes up to container elements with semantics of inheriting to children
  2. Jon requested an email proposing a high level enum tag. Bertrand previous sent such a proposal and will resend it.
  3. Datatype specification (Bertrand initiated email thread)
    • Null vs null: EcmaScript uses "Null", Javascript has a keyword of "null" and no "Null" object
    • Any vs any: Neither is a keyword/reserved word ... preference for '*' instead
    • Resolution: Do note use lower case datatypes
  4. Macro expansion
    • Do we need any builtin substitution type which go beyond the property list? Proposal is to have this happen only on insertion and not to be an active connection. Widgets have the equivalent as __WIDGETID__
    • Deferred to Gadget TF for discussion and proposal.
  5. Widget metadata discussion
    • description, example, examples - no objection
    • icon - discussion about declaring usage,
      • Jon proposes that the complexity ought to push that to vendor extension attributes - just keep width (pixels), height (pixels) and src
      • Stew wonders if we can do anythng simple that will hit a majority of the use cases
      • Bertrand wonders if it is just a list and the consumer can use whichever it wants
      • Resolution: Just have width, height and src attributes
    • javascript - just editorial issues
    • property:
      • The available, deprecated and useragent chld elements are likely to be unused ... leave for consistency
      • Gadget TF has a todo relative to the onchange attribute
      • The title attribute, no one cared if this is an attribute vs an element
      • The description attribute should be removed in favor of the decscription element (matches API spec)
      • The listen attribute could be renamed 'subscribe' to match the Hub terminology ... wiil start here next time
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