IDE Minutes 2008-06-17

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  • Jon Ferraiolo
  • Rich Thompson
  • Kevin Hakman
  • Lori Hylan-Cho
  • Phil Berkland
  • Wayne Vickmere
  • Bertrand Le Roy


  • getterPattern, setterPattern and onchangePattern
    • discussion of current use of such patterns
      • Rich: key difference is that properties are managed by the component in the IDE scenario while they are managed by the canvas in the mashup scenario. As a result the onchangePattern is useless in the IDE scenario and the getterPattern and setterPattern are useless for widgets.
    • How to indicate a difference in case between the property name and function name?
      • Use "property" to mean leave the case alone and "Property" to upper case the leading character?
        • Bertrand: How about property, propertyPascal and propertyCamel?
        • Kevin: How about propertyL and propertyU?
        • Phil: take the C string methods for guidance (propertyUCfirst & propertyLCfirst)? [agreed to use this style]
  • Naming and finding the metadata files
    • Spec currently uses a single name for the metadata files with the expectation that they will live in different subdirectories.
    • Adobe uses names specific to each widget
    • Well-known names are handy for people involved in any associated workflow as this doesn't require mandated location or a manifest
    • Existing frameworks are known to use widgetName.xml
    • Proposal is "{widgetName}OpenAjaxWidget.xml" [agreed]
  • Description element: what happens if there is more than one. Decision to leave it up to the environment.
  • Icon element: Add an "alt" attribute for when the icon can't be loaded? Why not just leverage the existing data and have the environment construct the equivalent? [agreed]
    • Which attributes are required?
      • src: [yes]
      • width, height: [no]
      • Are tools allowed to ignored the width & height values? [yes]
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