IDE Minutes 2008-09-16

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  • Lori Hylan-Cho, Aptana
  • Jon Ferraiolo, IBM
  • Scott Richards, Adobe
  • Phil Berkland, IBM
  • Javier Pedemonte, IBM


Mashable Widgets Proposal from Jon

Kin was supposed to think over Jon’s proposal. He had a death in the family so probably hasn’t been able to review. Add to next Weeks Agenda.

Tutorial to help other folks outside IDE Working Group get going with making Widgets

ACTION: Scott to send the Tutorial that Adobe put together for Widget developers to the list.

Properties tags

IBM has multiple property bags with name attributes. Property tags Managed differently

Adobe wants to be able to use properties tag to be able to group items to be displayed in Insert Dialog, or a Property Inspector.

Strings should be localizable. Localizable strings put in sub elements. You could also add description


<properties name=”color”>
  <title>Color Attributes</title>
  <description>These properties are for editing color attributes</description>
    <property />

Decision: Use <title> and <description> if you want to localize values.

Should we allow multiple of everything that is plural.

Decision: Yes allow multiples of everything that is plural.

Get requested views

Decision: Accept proposal to remove get supported views change method requestNavigateTo such that it accepts a string instead of an object.


User Agent Tag from Lori : Platform attribute should it be optional or required. There are two sets of attributes. One with operating system. The other Platform and Version.

Proposal : Leave the platform optional. If you don’t specify it then version attribute will be ignored.

Lori: Not sure if this is adequate for their implementation. Whole point is to say what browsers support this Widget. They want platform to be required.

To indicate compatibility of a browser or API. <useragent> tag is NOT required. If not specified the Widget does not specify any info about browser/api compatibility.

Should datatype be required for returns?

  • Lori: +1
  • No other comments:
  • Decision: it will be required

Multiple return types?

  • Proposal: Use Camel Case
  • <returnTypes>
  • <returnType>

Can you have multiple <returnType>?

Decision: Yes - but that would be bad practice (Bertrand)

What happens on <option> if there is no <label>?

  • Decision: Label defaults to the value
  • Scott: +1
  • Howard: +1 (response previously given via email)
  • Bertrand: +1 (response previously given via email)

Decision: Approved

For Require attribute type=””

  • What to do about <require type=”” for .mpg, or .swf (Flash)
  • Proposal:
  • We could have type=”media” for things like .mpg
  • type=”other” for things we haven’t thought of yet
  • Processed just like .img copies to deployment area but not in the head

Decision: Accept Proposal

Lori: Is there anything we missed for the head? Don’t think so…

For Require Attribute is it a contract or a manifest

Contract = Tool must do something Manifest = It is a description of the files (not a list of all of the files). It may be a superset i.e. if you have a library

ACTION: Jon to respond to Howard and see what he thinks…

Functions that tag functions as parameters

Can you nest? We need something that would be parallel to a class.

ACTION: Lori to forward email

Contributed Widgets posted not showing up on the OAA Site

Scott posted two them to the Contribute Widgets Section here:

ACTION: Javier looking into it.

When posting them .zip them up if there are any <require> files

Let’s get some neat working examples up there!

ACTION: Jon working on getting IBM Video examples posted. Should make for a good demo!

How should we be referring to the files you have to have oam.xml

Decision: We will refer to the xml files as one of the following: "OpenAjax Metadata files", "OpenAjax Widget Metadata files" or "Widget Metadata files".

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