IDE Minutes 2008 07 08

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  • Phil Berkland, IBM scribe
  • Jon Ferraiolo, IBM
  • Lori Hylan-Cho, Adobe
  • Rich Thompson, IBM
  • Ted Thibodeau, OpenLink
  • Stew Nickolas, IBM
  • Bertrand Le Roy, Microsoft


Discussion of new issues

Purple text for javascript element

Lori: The javascript element in the widget chapter has some purple text

Jon: reason for purple is ide scenario, ide order is appear in dom, mashup scenario synthesis iframe

Jon: will change the wording for mashup, in mashup scenario 'this' points to widget

dojo layout attributes

Phil: The Dojo layout widgets add additional properties to their child element. The metadata needs to support this.

Jon: The spec has a todo for dojo layouts

Stew: is this just runtime behavior?

Phil: Is design time, markup attribute

Phil: We will make a proposal

Jon: this is not just for dojo, this also applies to other toolkits

Discussion of red comments in the spec

discussion of Widget Chapter

discussion of content element

lori: has removed her comment

discussion of widget api element

Stew gave overview of this section, which was proposed by the gadget taskforce.

Jon: what should the datatype be for associative arrays? probably should be 'Object' , in the future this could be json schema

Stew: will change datatype to Object

Jon: hoping to start OpenAjax group on JSON schema

Jon: Should there be both success callback and error call back

Stew: that question would also apply to the hub

Jon: is not on hub

Rich: could have events to reghish for that indicate error conditions

Jon: consider this accepted until people raise objections

discussion of Customized edit mode, help dialogs, and property editor

Jon: should be able to get rid of this section because it is covered in other sections

discussion of Widget properties and widget constructor arguments

Jon: constructor argument is property bag, when default value is specified, it doesn't have to be in the bag

Stew: the reference implementation passes widget facade because widget needs handle to it's container

Jon: will update section for review next week

Rich: instead of enumerating the ultimate default values for datatypes, just refer to the java specification

discussion of Namespace extensibility and JSON

discussion of API metadata

discussion of api element

Jon: language attribute should default to javascript

no objection

discussion on case of javascript spelling

agreed it should be lowercase

discussion of need for plural elements (currently there is no classes tag)

Jon: should we describe processing model for how tags are located? for instance, when searching for method element, do you first look for methods element?

Rich: why should this matter

Rich: we had earlier decided that the plurals are optional

Jon: will make schema more complicated

agreement that plurals are optional

properties section , property element

Stew: gadgets need urlparam

no objection

discussion of datatype chapter

agreement that 'datatype="Array"' is equivalent to 'datatype="[*]"'

discussion of Enum element

discussion of datatype attribute

Jon: what should be done is the value attribute does not match the datatype attribute

Lori: ide would indicate datatype error

Phil: what would happen if metadata has mismatch

Jon: that would be error condition, which is implementation dependant

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