IDE Minutes 2008 10-14

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  • Lori Hylan-Cho, Aptana
  • Phil Berkland, IBM
  • Kin Blas, Adobe
  • Bertrand Le Roy, Microsoft
  • Jon Ferraiolo, IBM
  • Stew Nickolas, IBM


Options object literal

Jon: Looks like we have a general approach that we agree on, but we need to choose the name for the substitution variable and the attribute name

Lori: I'm not a fan of the term "property bag"

Jon: Neither is Bertrand

Jon: Lori proposed 'config', which is a name we aren't using yet, but isn't this about constructor arguments and properties?

Lori: Can be used in methods, also. Shouldn't tie it to constructors.

Kin: One limitation with __OPTIONS__ is that there is only one of them. Doesn't allow multiple instances.

Jon: How about allowing grouping via <properties name="foo">? Then refer to the list of properties as @@foo@@.

Lori: But we are using that for identifying groups within the UI

Kin: I don't want to lose that

Jon: OK, here is another idea. How about instead of constructor=boolean we have constructor=string, such as constructor="foo". Then you can say @@foo@@ in the content, which produces an object literal for all properties that have constructor="foo".

Kin: I like that better. But what if there are no properties?

Jon: Either {} or null.

Kin: Which is safer?

Jon: {}. We can legislate in our spec that tools must not use null.

Jon: I suggest we go to email to try to finalize this.

Kin: OK. I look at this as an options or configuration object.

Jon: "widget configuration options" makes sense to me. I'm OK with Lori's proposal for "config".

Lori/Kin: Yes

Jon: OK, I'll send another email that has "config" in the proposal.


Jon: We have 10-12 companies providing quotes for our press release. Most everyone on this call is participating. Therefore, most everyone is participating in the InteropFest.

Jon: Lori, does Aptana have the scriptdoc to OAM converter ready?

Lori: Since September.

Jon: Lori, can Aptana share some of their OpenAjax Metadata files?

Lori: I'll check.

Jon: Have you converted YUI?

Lori: Working on that, but YUI's JSON to scriptdoc. The JSON file is problematic. Has errors.

Jon: I'm working on a YUI to OAM converter.

Jon: Bertrand, anything to report from MS?

Bertrand: I'm hoping that I can convert MS format into OAM. But I doubt if Visual Studio will support OAM in time.

Face to face

(discussion about attending the F2F, either in person or on phone)

(jon to send links for f2f agenda and registration)

Next phone call

Jon: AJAXWorld is next week, so next phone call is in 2 weeks.

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