IDE Minutes 2008 12-02

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  • Jon Ferraiolo, IBM
  • Phil Berkland, IBM
  • Kin Blas, Adobe
  • Lori Hylan-Cho, Aptana
  • Javier Pedemonte, IBM
  • Bertrand Le Roy, Microsoft


Topic: Revised WG charter

(Jon gave a quick explanation of changes versus v1 charter. Can see exact details via history tab. Among the changes: (a) changing tense on some sentences, (b) remove references to task forces no longer active, add Gadgets task force, (c) change termination date from Dec 2008 to Dec 2009, (d) change chairs to Lori and Jon)

Kin/Lori: Sounds good

Bertrand (after joining late): I didn't see any issues

(Jon explains that Development Process requires a Creation Review phone call with at least 10 days for membership to review.)

Jon: So, I'll schedule a Creation Review phone call at the earlier possible time that the process allows.

Topic: What's left to do

Jon: I need to go through the spec carefully, but at this point I think that all we have to do to finish the spec is separate out the Gadgets features as we decided previously and then replace all of the "not written yet" descriptions with appropriate text. Can anyone think of anything else?

Lori: I had an issue about singletons. I'll send an email on it.

Topic: Next phone call

Jon: Lori and I will determine if we need a phone call next week.

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