IDE Minutes 2009 04-27

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  • Lori Hylan-Cho, Aptana
  • Kin Blas, Adobe
  • Javier Pedemonte, IBM
  • Jon Ferraiolo, IBM


Google Calendar issues

Kin: The IDE meeting isn't appearing on my calendar anymore I'm not getting reminders. Also, no agenda sent today.

Jon: I'll recreate the Google meeting invitation to see if that fixes things.

default vs defaultValue

Jon: I'll try to represent Howard. He has run into a problem with server-side Java where he can't use the attribute name 'default' with Java because it is a built-in name. I've run into similar things with the RelaxNG schema, and JavaScript also reserves 'default'. Also, he feels philosophically that we shouldn't be prevents from changing a spec because existing products already have implemented a particular syntax.

Lori: I like 'defaultValue', but I disagree with Howard about not taking into account shipping products

Kin: I'm willing to go with the change. I've checked with our product team. They are OK with this. We'll just look for both 'default' and 'defaultValue' to support older files and newer files. However, in terms of precedence, we shouldn't be reactive to every request we get.

Jon: Yes, we need to close this thing up. Personally, I could go with either option, but my thinking is along with Lori on both of her points.

RESOLUTION: change 'default' attribute to 'defaultValue' attribute


Jon: Adam and I are thinking we should adopt what OpenSocial is doing, but we are still working with IBM's Middle East experts on whether to include a small extension to OpenSocial for inheriting BIDI contextual direction from the container. My opinion is that for v1 we should just do what OpenSocial is doing. Widget developers can always use script for now to do more advanced things. Any opinions?

Lori: I don't know enough to offer an opinion.

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