IDE Minutes 2009 09 15

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  • Jon Ferraiolo, IBM
  • Lori Hylan-Cho
  • Javier Pedemonte, IBM
  • Kin Blas, Adobe
  • Adam Peller, IBM


Upward references

Jon: Should tools be blocked from going past root? I think so

Kin: Right

Lori: Yes

Nested properties revisited

Jon: I sent email. Why not use the <category> element?

Kin: My first reaction is that it's a bit more tedious.

Lori/Kin: Tedious. Have to add category and label for each property.

Lori: What is benefit of <category>? Oh, yeah, tool might want to override.

Kin: Any requirements from mashups?

Lori: jQuery themeroller - breaks properties into categories, for example accordion panel has tabs, content and whole

Kin: <label> tag for property editor

Lori: Jon's approach allows for multiple categories. Jon is right that the tool should have final say on grouping

Kin: Not sure it is solvable. Always a disconnect between tool and widget

RESOLUTION: Allows nested <properties>. <title> sub-element provides label. Need to update schema.

Factory methods in OAM

Lori: I was just asking for an example. I have one now.

Move 'managed' attribute to <property>

Lori: Fine with me to move to individual property tags.

RESOLUTION: 'managed' moved to <property>

Properties chapter review

Lori: I went through 2/3 of the chapter and made various editorial changes.

Lori: Why allow empty properties?

Jon: For lazy generators

Lori: OK, that's fine.

Lori: childProperties - APIs or widget only?

Jon: Parent object wants to add properties to child properties. Targets layout container widgets. Common example is an alignment point property added to child widgets.

Kin: For <config>, what is parent?

Lori: class, etc.

Jon: Widget also

(discussion of getter/setter section)

RESOLUTION: Remove first paragraph

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