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  • Lori Hylan-Cho
  • Javier Pedemontes, IBM
  • Bertrand Le Roy, Microsoft
  • Jon Ferraiolo, IBM


Went over Lori's detailed editorial review of:

Jon: I reviewed all of Lori's editorial changes. They all look fine. No semantic changes to the content, just improved wording.

Jon: Three 'lorihc' comments. First, directoryTitle. I put a blue-colored response into the page just before the meeting. If you upload the widget to a repository, this is the string that appears in the repository. OpenSocial Gadgets has a directory_title attribute on its root element. They say if you are going to upload the Gadget to the Google repository, then you SHOULD provide this attribute. I would think we would say something similar, except a generic repository.

Lori: In all of my reviews, I was asking myself as a reader does the spec say why this feature might be important to me.

Jon: In this case, important to you if you will be uploading to a repository. I suggest we add a sentence that says if you will be uploading, then you SHOULD provide this element.

Lori: Only applies to widgets?

Jon: Yes

(Lori will fix the spec)

Jon: Next one was under text/html. You point out that "or is unspecified" is wrong under text/html because text/plain is the default.

Lori/Jon: Remove those 3 words

Jon: Last one was whether to preserve white space and newlines for text/html.

Lori: It looks like same text as text/plain and I was wondering if still makes sense for text/html.

Jon: Maybe in rare circumstances, but I'm not sure in which cases leading/trailing whitespace matters.

Lori: Intermediate white space, as in a PRE, should be preserved.

Lori/Jon: Remove phrase about preserving white space. Full stop after "end element tag".

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