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  • Lori Hylan-Cho
  • Jon Ferraiolo, IBM


Jon: I reviewed all of your minor editorial fixes. They all look fine to me.

Lori: OK

Compatibility chapter editorial review

Jon: Only issue there is the question about version numbers. Look at the examples at the bottom. The 3rd example shows a single version range. Now look at the 1st example. It shows a single value, which implies this version to infinity.

Lori: OK, always a range.

Jon: We talked about this previously and to the best of my understanding that's what we decided to do.

Jon: One bit of muddiness is that at least one attribute uses 'version' for a single version number, not a range.

Lori: 'minVersion' on REQUIRE is the exception.

Jon: 'minVersion'? We still have that?

(they look things up)

Jon: No, we changed things with REQUIRE and LIBRARY, but didn't update this reference. No version info on REQUIRE, and 'version' attribute on LIBRARY that describes the version number of the library which the widget uses.

(Lori to update spec)

Localization chapter editorial review

Jon: Only thing there is whether to replace 'effective locale value' with 'lang' attribute. Yes. The phrasing 'effective locale value' was put in there when we were looking at using the more complicated algorithm from BCP 47, but now we are going with the simpler approach found in OS Gadgets, which just uses the 'lang' attribute

Lori: I also removed "at runtime"

Jon: Good. Substitutions might happen sooner, such as on the server.

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