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About this wiki page

This wiki page contains information about OpenAjax Alliance's InteropFest 1.0, which took place from July to September 2007, culminating with the OpenAjax Alliance face-to-face meeting on Sept. 27.

OpenAjax FAQ

This section provides background information for people who are not familiar with OpenAjax Alliance.

What is the OpenAjax Alliance?

The OpenAjax Alliance is an organization of 80+ vendors, open source initiatives, and Web developers dedicated to the successful adoption of open and interoperable Ajax-based Web technologies. The prime objective is to accelerate customer success with Ajax by promoting the ability to mix and match solutions from Ajax technology providers and by helping to drive the Ajax ecosystem.

What are OpenAjax Alliance’s activities?

The OpenAjax Alliance provides value to the community through both its marketing and technical activities. The alliance’s marketing activities help to educate the community on how to achieve success with Ajax using open technologies. The alliance’s technical activities address key Ajax interoperability issues so that developers can successfully integrate with multiple Ajax technologies. Current activities include:

  • Marketing Working Group – Oversees the alliance’s Web site, white papers, and manages industry roll-out of the industry trust brand OpenAjax Conformance.
  • Interoperability Working Group – Focuses on the ability to combine JavaScript components from multiple Ajax toolkits within the same Web application. This committee produces all documents and open source for the OpenAjax Hub, the OpenAjax Registry, and OpenAjax Best Practices, and develops the InteropFest test suite.
  • IDE Working Group – Defines common approaches for integrating Ajax components into Ajax IDEs.
  • Communications Hub Task Force – Addresses client-server communications issues in mashup scenarios, particularly when Ajax components leverage server push techniques.
  • Security Task Force – Addresses security issues within Ajax applications.
  • Mobile Ajax Task Force – Addresses issues with Ajax applications on mobile devices.

More information is available at:

What is the OpenAjax InteropFest?

The InteropFest 1.0 is an interoperability event spanning the months of July to September 2007 where multiple Ajax toolkits use the OpenAjax Hub 1.0 to achieve multi-toolkit integration.

The primary goal with the InteropFest is to verify that OpenAjax Hub 1.0 is suitable for finalization and approval. The members of OpenAjax Alliance are confident that the OpenAjax Hub 1.0 (specification, reference open source, and test suite) are mature and near completion. The InteropFest should be the last step in verifying completeness, correctness and suitability.

How to participate

To participate in InteropFest 1.0:

(1) Download the template source files. The template source files for InteropFest 1.0 can be found at OpenAjax Alliance's open source project at SourceForge ( There is an InteropFest 1.0 download package on the download page. The template source files can also be downloaded from the SVN tree. The template source files contain instructions for how to customize.

The template might change in response to feedback from the participants. Most likely, any changes to the template will be made to make things easier for future participants and will not invalidate work done with early versions of the template. Nevertheless, you should monitor the InteropFest's wiki page for news and announcements at (

(Note: the template is also posted on the OpenAjax Web site at

(2) Create an HTML/Ajax application that uses OpenAjax Hub in conjunction with at least three Ajax libraries. (NOTE: The test requires that you include a particular results visualization component, which counts as one of the three required libraries.) To pass the test, the application must:

  • (a) Register at least 3 libraries with the Hub via calls to OpenAjax.hub.registerLibrary(). (As noted previously, the results visualization component counts as one of the 3. If you retain the sample datagen component or the sample datavis component, then the one of these that you keep will count as a second library.)
  • (b) Successfully pass at least one event from a sender to a receiver via the OpenAjax Hub's pub/sub engine.
  • (c) Include the results visualization component in your application's HTML page.

You have multiple options for how to create your HTML/Ajax application. One approach is to make minor changes to the template, such as simply replacing the build-in datavis component with a different visualization component. But you can also create an entirely different application from scratch, so long as the application satisfies requirements (a), (b) and (c) above.

As with the InteropFest from March 2007, it is very much allowed for the application to showcase the special features of particular libraries. Therefore, it is OK to show off and help educate the community about the advantages of your particular Ajax toolkit, but please don't have the marketing aspects overpower the InteropFest parts of the page.

(3) Add appropriate entries to the InteropFest's wiki page at ( once your application is completed. (Note: If you are participating in the InteropFest but are not a member of OpenAjax Alliance, then you will not have write access to the wiki. In that case, send email to to announce your results.)


Sample Applications

The following are the sample applications that have participated to date in the InteropFest. The entries are listed in calendar order, where the first contributions appear at the top.

Contributor Date Toolkits used Status
(e.g., "PASSES" or "IN PROCESS")
URL for test
(Optional. If successful test is posted on the wiki or the Web, include pointer here.)
Lightstreamer 2007-07-25 Lightstreamer, Test results visualization component, Sample datavis component PASSES
Lightstreamer 2007-07-25 Lightstreamer, Dojo, Test results visualization component, Sample datavis component PASSES
ILOG JViews 2007-08-29 ILOG JViews Diagrammer, Dojo, Test results visualization component PASSES
24SevenOffice 2007-08-31 24SevenOffice Vili, Ext, Prototype, Test results visualization component, Sample datavis component PASSES
Jon Ferraiolo 2007-09-03 Prototype and Scriptaculous for datagen component, Test results visualization component, YUI datavis component PASSES
IT Mill Toolkit 2007-09-06 IT Mill Toolkit table, Dojo chart, datagen and test results visualization component PASSES
OpenSpot CalcDesk 2007-09-18 JSCalc, CalcSheets, CalcGraph, and test datagen omponent PASSES
OpenLink Software Inc 2007-09-18 OpenLink AJAX Toolkit: OAT.Notify, test datagen and sample datavis components PASSES
Software AG 2007-09-20 webMethods CAF, Test results visualization component, Sample datavis component PASSES
TIBCO Software Inc. 2007-09-19 TIBCO General Interface ("GI") Professional Open Source Ajax Toolkit: sample datavis components, Mix-n-match inclusion of other libraries within GI containers with interop through OAA Hub. PASSES
Microsoft 2007-09-20 Microsoft Ajax Library; OpenAjax helper for Microsoft Ajax; Custom data generation component written in Microsoft Ajax style (including Microsoft Ajax custom events) interacts with custom visualization app through helper and hub. PASSES
Dojo Foundation 2007-09-20 Dojo Toolkit (dojo, dijit and dojox), JQuery wired together with OAA Hub. DataVis component and data generator and results run unchanged in separate tabs. PASSES
Nexaweb Ajax Client 2007-09-20 Nexaweb Ajax Client, OpenAjaxHub, and sample Data Generation component wired together, displayed in Nexaweb Ajax Client based data grid in a tab panel. PASSES
Apache XAP 2007-09-20 Apache XAP that is based on Dojo Toolkit, wired together with OAA Hub. DataGen component, results shown in data grid in a tab panel. PASSES
AjaxEngine 2007-09-23 AjaxEngine together with OpenAjax hub. Generating data using sliders and showing a simple vertical bar chart. PASSES
Sun Microsystems, jMaki 2007-10-01 This demo integrates with jMaki, Dojo, Yahoo, and the two samples included for a total of 5 toolkits. PASSES,

Participating Ajax toolkits

The following provides an alphabetical list of Ajax toolkits that were used at least one of the sample applications listed above.

  1. AjaxEngine (
  2. Apache XAP (
  3. Dojo Toolkit (
  4. Ext (
  5. ILOG JViews (
  6. IT Mill Toolkit (
  7. jMaki (
  8. JQuery (
  9. Lightstreamer (
  10. Microsoft Ajax Library (
  11. Nexaweb Ajax Client (
  12. OAT: OpenLink AJAX Toolkit (
  13. OpenSpot CalcDesk (
  14. Prototype (
  15. (
  16. Software AG's webMethods Composite Application Framework (wM CAF) (
  17. TIBCO General Interface Professional Open Source Ajax Toolkit (
  18. 24SevenOffice Vili (Ajax toolkit from 24SevenOffice)
  19. YUI (

Supplemental information

(This section is for operational information about the above test applications.)

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