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Welcome to the OpenAjax Alliance Wiki!

This wiki is in the member-only section of the OpenAjax Alliance web site. The wiki is for collaboration among the members to discuss issues and flesh out wording before publishing content within the public area of the web site.

Members Agreement

New Member Orientation (startup instructions for new members)

Upcoming Events




(Links to overview and architecture documents probably should be added here.)


Helpful hints for beginners

  • Adding/changing information on wikis are easy and MediaWiki (which is what we are using) is no exception.
  • Try things out on your personal wiki page (which can be reached by clicking on your name at the top of the window).
  • When in edit mode, notice the toolbar above the edit window. Experiment with the toolbar and see what markup it generates.
  • User manual can be found at MediaWiki User Guide.
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