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Welcome to the OpenAjax Alliance Wiki!

This wiki is used by the Members of OpenAjax Alliance for collaboration purposes to discuss issues and develop documents before publishing content within the public area of the web site. Only Members of OpenAjax Alliance have write access to the wiki. The public has read-only access to this wiki.

How to join OpenAjax Alliance

Companies (including non-profit organizations such as open source projects) and individuals (on an exceptional basis) can join OpenAjax Alliance by following the instructions found on the public web site at:

Orientation and Process

Working Groups

The following three Working Groups have been approved by the membership and chartered by the Steering Committee.

Task Forces

OpenAjax Alliance establishes task forces to investigate possible new areas of activity. Task forces are informal groups of interested Members who perform relevant research and then produce recommendations, such as chartering a new working group or pursuing new initiatives within an existing working group.


The following task forces are active:

  • Security Task Force - investigate and identify key Ajax security issues and propose what security-related activities should be pursued by OpenAjax Alliance
  • Mobile Task Force - investigating possible future activities around Mobile Ajax

In startup phase

The following task forces are in the startup phases:


The following task forces have completed their work:

Upcoming Events

We have a separate wiki page for Upcoming Events.

One upcoming event that we will highlight here is our next Members Meeting:

  • 2007 September Members Meeting - Sept. 27 in Mountain View, CA (just after AJAXWorld)
    • Agenda: not yet available
    • Registration page: not yet available

Recent Events


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