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2010 Feature Requests Summary Page

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About this page

This wiki page holds the list of all feature requests for the 2010 Browser Wish List. If you don't see a browser feature that you want included in the 2010 Browser Wish List then please edit this page to add your wish list feature.

Please help us to continue to perfect the list and the write-ups for the various features. It is OK to add new features to the list if you see something important that is missing. Anyone is welcome to participate. To gain write access, see the instructions at Main Page.

Current status

We have received feedback on the initial set of Browser Wish List items from influential members of the Ajax community. We want to continue to request feedback on these wish list items from the general public over the next month.

After we have settled on the list of browser wish list feature requests, voting will start.

Contributing to the wiki

If you don't have an account on this wiki:

2010 Browser Feature Requests

FeatureWiki page
Better HTML5 Support
(using the broad definition of "HTML5" where in this context the term means markup-related features having to do with rich user experiences using Open Web technologies)
SVG: Support in IE, comprehensive and performant support in all browsers SVG
Canvas: Support in IE, comprehensive and performant support in all browsers Canvas
WebGL (3D) WebGL
Video and Audio Video and Audio
RDFa RDFa Support (combine with HTML5 Microdata and call on W3C to get its act together?)
Microformats Microformats Support (Jon asks: Should this be Microdata: [1] [2] (combine with RDFa and call on W3C to get its act together?)
Text Editing in Browser (contentEditable) ContentEditable
HTML5 Parser for Other Languages Like SVG HTML5 Parser for Other Languages
Support for new HTML tags like <article> and so on New Tag Support
HTML5 Forms Enhancements HTML5 Forms Enhancements
JavaScript APIs
Real-time client-server connections (e.g., Web Sockets, XHR2, Server-Sent Events, etc.) Real-Time Connections
DOM Storage: simple local storage (localStorage and sessionStorage) DOM Storage
Database Storage Database Storage
Application Caching (to support offline apps) Application Caching
Drag and Drop from/to File Explorer and full clipboard support Drag and Drop Support
Access to Microphone and Videocam Access to Microphone and Videocam
File APIs (including Multi-file upload) File APIs
Improvements to JavaScript
ECMAScript5 Support ECMAScript5
Web Workers (Threads) Web Workers
Ability to actually subclass array Subclass Arrays
New Byte Array Types Byte Arrays
Native API for managing script resources on a page Script API
Ability to get a unique id for any given DOM element or JavaScript object/array/etc. DOM Ids
A short lambda syntax Lambdas
Better browser CSS support
Support for animations and transitions everywhere CSS Animations and Transitions
CSS3 borders and backgrounds (rounded corners and scale-to-fit images) CSS3 Borders Backgrounds
CSS3 gradients CSS3 Gradients
CSS 2D Transforms CSS 2D Transforms
CSS 3D Transforms CSS 3D Transforms
CSS Flexible Box Layout (hbox, vbox, flex) CSS Flexible Box Layout
Support for CSS grids CSS Grids
Support for CSS variables, expressions, and inheritance CSS variables
CSS web fonts Web fonts
CSS Media Queries CSS Media Queries
Better Performance
Faster DOM bindings DOM Bindings
Browser API to gauge browser memory use. Browser Memory Use
Conditional control over layout and/or a way to schedule code to run *around* layouts. Conditional Layouts
Close all browser DOM/Event memory leaks Memory Leaks
Better extensibility mechanism for HTML elements and attributes
Support for custom namespaces in HTML5 Custom Namespaces
Web components (XBL2) Web Components (XBL2)
Better and more standardized browser debugging support
Standard API for the Console. Console API
Standard API for debugging. Debugging API
Standard error types, error conditions, and reporting syntax. Standard Error Types
Better mobile support
Support for W3C Widgets W3C Widgets
Geolocation Geolocation Support
Device APIs / BONDI Device APIs
Support for <input> tags like <input type="audio" > Mobile Inputs
Support for zooming, flick around to pan that works on both mobile/desktop Zooming and Flicking
Better security support
Sandbox and seamless IFrame attributes Sandbox and Seamless Attributes
Support for isolating JavaScript widgets Isolated Widgets
Native browser support of OpenID and OAuth OpenID OAuth Support
Remove unnecessary browser features
Remove VML Remove VML
Reset the work of HTML5 and start over by focusing on security and simplicity Reset HTML


Thank you Alex Russell, Jeremy Chone, Doug Schepers, Peter Paul Koch, Brad Neuberg, Dave Reed, Douglas Crockford, and Bertrand Le Roy for contributing to the feature requests.

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