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2010 Wishlist Comments

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This wiki page is a catch-all wiki page where people can add comments about the various features in the 2010 browser wishlist initiative, such as:

  • Critical features that are missing from the list
  • Features that should be removed from the list because they are unimportant or even undesirable
  • Comments on particular features, such as talking about inaccuracies or incompleteness or expressing opinions about feature priorities

We recommend that each user that adds comments to this page create his own section with the user's name in it.

Write access to this wiki

To gain write access to this wiki, see the instructions at Main Page.

Jon Ferraiolo's comments

I think the list is too long. I suggest removing the final features from the list to lessen the among of information that people have to go through when it comes time to vote on their favorite features. Many of the features below are worthy features, but they aren't likely to get much support when the community casts votes:

  • ARIA Support
  • RDFa Support
  • Script API - Native API for managing script resources on a page
  • DOM Ids - Ability to get a unique id for any given DOM element or JavaScript object/array/etc.
  • Lambdas - A short lambda syntax
  • CSS Grids - (see write-up - this feature is about advanced layout for fancy documents)
  • Conditional Layouts - Conditional control over layout and/or a way to schedule code to run *around* layouts.
  • Standard Error Types - Standard error types, error conditions, and reporting syntax.
  • Mobile Inputs - Support for <input> tags like <input type="audio" >
  • Isolated Widgets - Support for isolating JavaScript widgets
  • OpenID OAuth Support - OpenID and OAuth are great features, but not sure why we need enhancements in browsers for them
  • Remove VML - We want MS to support SVG, but don't remove VML. That would break backwards-compatibility for some web sites that are using VML today.

Additional comments

Unless I am missing it, one thing we've talked about in the Accessibility Tools Task Force that is not on the list is the ability to query the browser for a list of all event handlers currently attached to a DOM node. - Nathan Jakubiak from the ATTF

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