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Access to Microphone and Videocam

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Flash and Silverlight4 provide access to WebCam and Microphone from scripting language. Shouldn't the browsers also provide such interfaces? If they did, then we could say goodbye to the horror story that we all face at the start of a meeting where we all waste 10 minutes making sure that everyone's proprietary video conferencing software was installed correctly and works on different computers and browsers. If all browsers supported video capture and audio capture, then zero-install web-based conferencing would be a reality.

Ian Hickson kicked off a discussion thread at the W3C related to this subject:

(If anyone has links to draft specifications, please add them to this wiki page)

One small detail: what codecs would everyone use? For the sake of this feature list, let's take a major leap of faith and assume the industry can agree on at least one set of streaming media standards that all browsers could support and all conferencing web servers would recognize.

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