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Animating Web Page Content

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All of the top Ajax toolkits listed on Wikipedia support some form of animation control for web page content. These techniques are incompatible - there should be a standard way of animating web content. See this page.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) acts as a "host language" for Synchronized Mulitmedia Integration Language (SMIL). Currently Opera and WebKit nightlies support SVG+SMIL.

XHTML+SMIL is also a recommended profile but this would require namespaced content (meaning text/html would not be able to support it at present).


  • SMIL Timesheets 1.0 has been released as a Working Draft from the W3C. This supports the paradigm of separation of content and presentation/animation.
  • Safari supports CSS animation, though this hasn't been formally proposed as a standard

Since SMIL Timesheets 1.0 seems to support everything needed for animation, I recommend it be voted on as a feature in this initiative.

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