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Better Testing Support

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Better Support for Testing Browser-based Applications

Detailed write-up


It is hard to test browser-based applications, both for Ajax toolkit developers and Ajax appliation developers;

Further, it is not easy for browser vendors to test the new versions of browsers in terms of performance issues, backward compatbility issues and so on.

With all of the various toolkit tests, we should be able to get browser vendors good examples of performance problems, and regressions. It also let's them know how changes they make impact large development communities, and also allows them to communicate backwards-incompatible changes to us more directly.

Why Is This Important?

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Possible Solutions

  1. Browsers should provide better APIs for third-party developers to easily create testing plug-ins;
  2. Browsers vendors provide support for integrating Ajx toolkits' test suites into their own tests;

Background material that request this feature

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