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The CSS3 Grids module describes integration of grid-based layout (similar to the grids traditionally used in books and newspapers) with CSS sizing and positioning.

Examples of what CSS3 grids can do are in the spec:

Other CSS3 layout specs:


Jon Ferraiolo: thumbs down

Maybe this feature should be renamed to "multi-column layouts" instead of "CSS3 Grids". The term "grids" might be confused with the <datagrid> element that was pushed out of the HTML5 spec.

My opinion on the feature is negative. At this point in history, I don't think browsers should be implementing complicated, advanced layout algorithms. Wherever possible, browsers should apply a RISC approach (i.e., simple building block features that execute very fast), not a CISC approach (large, complicated algorithms). At this time, push advanced layout to the JavaScript level as much as possible. OK to implement C-language primitives that do the performance-intensive single-box layout operations (including internationalization layout support) but don't use up browser engineering resources at this time trying to deliver multi-column layout support. Note that mobile devices are becoming increasingly important, which because of small screen size will make multi-column support less important.

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