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Make CSS Object Model Work

Detailed write-up


CSS object model is very inconsistent and problematic. Here are some of the links:

  1. message from the CSS WG
  2. Cascading Style Sheets Object Model

Why Is This Important?

To be added

Possible Solutions

to be added.

Background material that request this feature

to be added.


In this section, the contributors should express their opinions about this feature request, such as providing particular technical analysis or describing in prose why this feature is important (or not). It is recommended that each contributor create his own level-3 sub-section (e.g., === Jon Ferraiolo Comments ===).

Andrew Dupont Comments

Isn't there significant overlap between this and Better APIs Positioning Styling? Layout APIs cover about half of the CSSOM spec. Can these two be consolidated into one?

Phase I Voting - Vote for Your Top 5 Features

NOTE: PHASE I VOTING IS NOW OPEN. (2008-04-01) We have now changed the voting procedure. Instead of putting votes on each separate wiki page, we are asking people to cast their Phase I Votes on the following wiki page:

Phase II Voting

More about this later.

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