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Drag and Drop Support

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This feature request calls on the W3C, browser teams, and community and define a useful drag-and-drop feature that is standardized and implemented across all major browsers.


Drag and drop is a fundamental UI technique within any modern GUI. It allows a user to push-select (i.e., mouse-down) on an object, and then while the mouse button stays down, drag that object and drop (i.e., mouse-up) over another object. This UI approach is commonly used for operations such as copy, reordering and deletion (e.g., drag to the trash can). Countless web applications use drag and drop within a single web page, but current browser limitations prevent drag/drop operations across web pages or between the web page and the desktop environment.

The HTML5 spec includes a new drag/drop feature that defines a standard way for web applications to support drag/drop operations with the external environment (i.e., outside of the current web page). The HTML5 spec on drag/drop is at:

An introduction to the feature can be found at:

Ajaxian posted an article on HTML5 drag/drop support:

Current status

The WhatWG claims that there is partial support in Mozilla, WebKit and IE:

PPK thinks HTML5's current drag/drop spec goes beyond disaster into the realm of f***ing disaster and believes the feature needs to be redesigned from the ground up:

Francisco Tolmasky studied the feature in depth and reported as follows:

Mozilla maintains a page on their support for drag and drop, which was added to Firefox 3.5:

The following page discusses WebKit's support for drag and drop:

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