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IE's overflow:auto problem

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IE's overflow:auto problem

Detailed write-up


This problem seems to be unique to IE 6 and IE 7.

With strict doc type, if you set "overflow: auto" for an element, when the user scrolls the page, the element will not scroll.

Why Is This Important?

To be added

Possible Solutions

Fix it.

Background material that request this feature

  1. Call with Jack Slocum Minutes Feb 26 2008. This issue was initially brought up by Jack Slocum, creator of EXT JS.


In this section, the contributors should express their opinions about this feature request, such as providing particular technical analysis or describing in prose why this feature is important (or not). It is recommended that each contributor create his own level-3 sub-section (e.g., === Jon Ferraiolo Comments ===).

Brad Neuberg's comments

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but what about IE not supporting the CSS position: fixed attribute? This makes it a pain in the butt to do toolbars that you want to stay stuck, such as having an editor toolbar at the top of the page that stays present even as you scroll the document you are editing. Not having this makes you need to use craptastic JavaScript on IE that tries to keep the toolbar in place as you scroll, which means it 'jumps' around as you scroll trying to keep in place.

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