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Welcome to the OpenAjax Runtime Wiki!

This wiki has been used in the past by the various members of the greater Ajax community to collaborate on a unified, prioritized list of feature requests from the Ajax community to the browser vendors, which was published in 2008.

This initiative was open to the general public (i.e., you don't have to join OpenAjax Alliance to contribute to this wiki), along with strong participation from various members of OpenAjax Alliance, most particularly the alliance's Runtime Advocacy Task Force.

The 2008 Browser Wishlist (historical)

We have completed the voting phases for the initiative (see Timeline at the bottom of this page). In Phase II voting, participants provided 0-10 rankings for the proposed features.

The initiative's moderators have produced a summary report on the feature list and the voting:

The list of features that have been submitted (along with voting totals on the features that were part of Phase II Voting) can be found at:

The 37 "Phase II" features have been sorted in the order of which features received the most votes on the following wiki page:

A long page that captures all of the votes that were cast, with a few assorted supplemental comments, can be found at:

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