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Offline Support

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Offline Support

Detailed write-up


Offline support obviously would allow applications to work even when disconnected, but if such a feature were architected in a way that built on existing browser caching features, it might also result in improved caching in general, leading to significant performance improvements even when the user is connected.

Why Is This Important?

This features is essential to fulfilling the promise of Ajax; ie, desktop-like user experiences using browser technologies. Web-based applications to date have required an Internet connection (often, a *fast* connection) to operate. Furthermore, limitations with the browser cache have prevented certain classes of high-end web applications from being feasible due to the amount of logic and data that needs to be downloaded with each execution.

What exists today?

Google Gears focuses on offline browser applications, particularly its LocalServer features. The LocalServer allows a web developer to provide a manifest file that lists the files that should be cached locally across sessions.

The Gears team is working with the HTML5 effort to standardize its work. See HTML offline features, particularly the section on the "application cache".


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Jon Ferraiolo's comments

This is an important feature and future browsers should give this a high priority, probably working together within the HTML5 effort. However, I have a concern with the latest draft of the HTML5 offline features. It looks more complicated than similar features in Gears. Why? Maybe there are good reasons why more complexity is necessary, but in general, the more complicated the spec, the more difficult it is for the industry to adopt it. Also, whenever I see a spec with a fallback feature, a red flag always goes up that the spec is going too far and trying too hard.

Nicole Tedesco's comments: implement a generalized resource archiving solution

(From NicoleTedesco)  A generalized resource bundling solution (images, sound files, XML and even other HTML pages) can provide offline support for scripting, while also minimizing HTTP connection and overall bandwidth consumption. For details, see my comments in the Ajax Toolkit Caching discussion.

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