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Phase II Voting Summary

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About this page

This wiki page holds the list of the 37 feature requests that participated in the Phase II Voting period. The table below shows the 37 feature requests, sorted according to which feature received the most votes.

The complete list of feature requests, including features that were added to this wiki too late for inclusion in the Phase II Voting period, can be found at:

A long page that captures all of the votes that were cast, with a few assorted supplemental comments, can be found at:

Phase II Voting Results

The table below shows the 37 feature requests, sorted according to which feature received the most votes.

FeatureCategoryPhase II Votes
#VotesAvgVote (0-10)
2D Drawing/Vector GraphicsHTML5/W3C features8421107.6545
Better Security for Cross-site ScriptsSecurity features7591027.4412
Better APIs about positioning and stylingRendering/interaction/event handling features748997.5556
HTML DOM Operation Performance In GeneralPerformance features742928.0652
Better Support for Rich Text EditingRendering/interaction/event handling features6931026.7941
The Two HTTP Connection Limit IssueClient-server communications features690987.0408
Better UI Layout SupportRendering/interaction/event handling features689967.1771
Native JSON ParsingSecurity features6881076.4299
Persistent Connections IssueClient-server communications features649956.8316
Video and AudioHTML5/W3C features639996.4545
Stronger Cross-site Request Forgery ProtectionSecurity features635916.978
Matching Element Against CSS SelectorPerformance features626867.2791
Array Operation Performance In All BrowsersPerformance features604837.2771
Better testing supportOther features601847.1548
Offline SupportHTML5/W3C features563945.9894
Gradient FillCSS features556965.7917
Better IFrames Better SandboxingSecurity features549916.033
Threading SupportJavaScript features534886.0682
Drag Drop Copy PasteRendering/interaction/event handling features530816.5432
CSS Object ModelOther features503826.1341
Blur EffectCSS features495985.051
Mutation EventsHTML5/W3C features494786.3333
Ajax toolkit cachingOther features490855.7647
IE 6 and IE 7: overflow:auto problemRendering/interaction/event handling features477756.36
XPath SupportHTML5/W3C features476845.6667
Browser Unresponsive Mode EnhancementsRendering/interaction/event handling features438726.0833
Override Back Button EventRendering/interaction/event handling features436815.3827
Event Transparency APIRendering/interaction/event handling features427706.1
JavaScript Coroutine Support (was Pause Release)JavaScript features415686.1029
Enhanced support for dialogsRendering/interaction/event handling features402775.2208
Event notification for content overflowRendering/interaction/event handling features389705.5571
Animation of web page contentOther features386814.7654
IE: Array’s Can’t Be Usefully Sub-classedJavaScript features375695.4348
Hashes for DOM elements and associated APIOther features370695.3623
XHR Connection Length AdviceClient-server communications features308644.8125
Synchronous XHR EnhancementsClient-server communications features307654.7231
Component Model XBL HTCHTML5/W3C features293575.1404

(Summaries: Total # of wiki participants = 283. Total # of Phase II voters = 143.)

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