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Phase I Voting

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This wiki page lists the Phase I Votes (i.e., the Top 5 Features) from various people.

The various phases and timeline for those phases are listed at the bottom of the home page for this wiki. This wiki page holds the Phase I votes for the various participants in the form of their favorite 5 features. (OK to list any number of features. The number 5 is just an arbitrary guideline.)

After Phase I, the moderators will review the Phase I votes and then reorganize the wiki, possibly trimming some of the features which did not receive many votes.

Phase I Votes: Top 5 Features

Please cast your votes here. The level 2 subsection should list your name. The content of your subsection should list your favorite features. You can use whatever formatting you would like, but a simple bulleted list (eg., as shown in Coach's and Dylan's list) works just fine.

Vote from Coach Wei (Nexaweb)

Coach cast the first votes and selected the following features:

Vote from Douglas Crockford (Yahoo!)

Dylan Schiemann (Dojo and Sitepen)

My personal voting would be in this order:

Bertrand Le Roy (Microsoft)

Bertrand cast votes for the following features:

Kris Zyp (Sitepen)

Kris cast votes for the following features:

Andrew Dupont (Prototype)

Sam Lie (jQuery)

fact the programmers cannot override the back button event to load the correct corresponding previous Ajax content. The same applies to refresh/reload button.)

  • CSS Gradient Fill and Blur (Alot of the great visual effects of Flash and Silverlight comes from simple implementation of these APIs. If only CSS had these, we won't need to be relying on hacks of background images and the look and feel of Ajax applications will be on par with Flash/Silverlight.) (JonFerraiolo: There are two new separate feature items, Gradient Fill and Blur Effect.)
  • DOM Performance (Poor DOM Perfomance or just poor set of DOM node access API?)
  • Rich Text Editing (Why Google Docs still no match for Microsoft word?? Here is why: 1. no built in APIs to handle 'UNDO'. 2. 'createRange' and 'createSelection' doesnt work properly 3. no 'onpaste' event in Firefox. 4. tab to indent and unindent text broken. Simple functionalities that would be easy to implement but takes forever to appear on the browser.)

Krishna Sankar (Cisco)

I will compensate for Dylan's long list by keeping mine short ;o)

Marc Bonnier (NetScript)

Brad Neuberg

Samuel Santos (Present Technologies)

I vote for the following features:

Greg Wilkins (Webtide)

Mike Wilson (DWR)

(I'm skipping on the low-level security features as I believe these should be demanded by everybody, not just the Ajax community.)

and also

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