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About this wiki page

This wiki page contains information about OpenAjax Alliance's first InteropFest, which happens in conjunction with our March 2007 face-to-face meeting.

OpenAjax FAQ

This section provides background information for people who are not familiar with OpenAjax Alliance.

What is the OpenAjax Alliance?

The OpenAjax Alliance is an organization of 70+ vendors, open source initiatives, and Web developers dedicated to the successful adoption of open and interoperable Ajax-based Web technologies. The prime objective is to accelerate customer success with Ajax by promoting the ability to mix and match solutions from Ajax technology providers and by helping to drive the Ajax ecosystem.

What are OpenAjax Alliance’s activities?

The OpenAjax Alliance provides value to the community through both its marketing and technical activities. The alliance’s marketing activities help to educate the community on how to achieve success with Ajax using open technologies. The alliance’s technical activities address key Ajax interoperability issues so that developers can successfully integrate with multiple Ajax technologies. Current activities include:

  • Marketing/Architecture Committee – Oversees the alliance’s Web site, white papers, and manages industry roll-out of the industry trust brand OpenAjax Conformance.
  • Interoperability Committee – Focuses on the ability to combine JavaScript components from multiple Ajax toolkits within the same Web application. This committee produces all documents and open source for the OpenAjax Hub, the OpenAjax Registry, and OpenAjax Best Practices, and develops the InteropFest test suite.
  • IDE Integration Task Force – Defines common approaches for integrating Ajax components into Ajax IDEs.
  • Server Integration Task Force – Defines common approaches for integrating Ajax components into server frameworks.
  • Communications Hub Task Force – Addresses client-server communications issues in mashup scenarios, particularly when Ajax components leverage server push techniques.
  • Security Task Force – Addresses security issues within Ajax applications.

More information is available at:

What is the OpenAjax InteropFest?

The OpenAjax InteropFest of March 2007 represents the first trial rollout of OpenAjax technologies to the industry and the first interoperability test leveraging OpenAjax technologies.

To be a “Successful Participant” in this first InteropFest, an Ajax toolkit must integrate with a pre-release version of the OpenAjax Hub and render the interoperability test case that was developed by the Alliance. See /member/wiki/InteropFest_2007_March.

InteropFest Technical Overview

This InteropFest is our first (baby) step towards interoperability testing within the Ajax community. For this first InteropFest, there is only one test case, it is very basic, and it only addresses interoperability issues with Ajax runtime libraries; thus, no attempt yet at testing interoperability at different points in the developer tool stack, such as IDE or server framework interoperability testing. The test case simply verifies that the Ajax library is using the Hub on the most basic basis.

Although this first InteropFest is very basic, it still represents a major first step along the path towards addressing the Ajax community's interoperability needs.

How to participate in the InteropFest

The test case for the InteropFest can be downloaded from OpenAjax Alliance's open source project at SourceForge [1]. Within the distribution, the test case is located in the conformancetests/interopfest-2007-03 directory. The test case contains instructions for customizing the test case to work with your Ajax library.


The following vendors and open source projects are participating in the InteropFest, and here is where they stand so far:

Participant Date Status
(e.g., "PASSES" or "IN PROCESS")
URL for test
(Optional. If successful test is posted on the wiki or the Web, include pointer here.)
OAT - OpenLink AJAX Toolkit / OpenLink Software 2007-01-17 PASSES
ILOG JViews 2007-01-18 PASSES
TIBCO Software Inc. (General Interface "GI" Ajax Toolkit) 2007-01-23 PASSES See demonstration application below.
Lightstreamer 2007-01-24 PASSES
Software AG 2007-03-05 PASSES
IT Mill Toolkit 2007-03-06 PASSES
OpenSpot (SameDesk virtual desktop) 2007-03-09 PASSES (go to the "Links" tab)
Dojo Foundation - Dojo Toolkit 2007-03-09 PASSES
ICEfaces - 2007-03-14 PASSES
Nexaweb - Nexaweb Ajax Client 2007-03-16 PASSES
XAP- Apache XAP (under Apache Incubator) 2007-03-16 PASSES
24SevenOffice - Vili Library 2007-03-22 PASSES

Supplemental information


TIBCO General Interface working with OAA Hub in streaming publish/subscribe scenario @

  • check the monitor box at the bottom to view what's streaming to the hub
  • choose a grouping from the tree
  • tune the streaming data simulator
  • configure different views of the streaming data

OpenLink Software

OAT in use in --

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